How to Choose the Best Foundation Repair Contractor

There are many property owners that have experienced some sort of foundation problem and have had to deal with the expense associated with correcting the problem. Foundation problems can be attributed to one of three causes in 90% of all cases.

The compressed soil around the foundation settles and loosens with time which causes the foundation to move.
When the soil errodes around the retaining wall causes the soil to slide or slump.
Some homes are built on a soil that will expand and contract with moisture which pushes up on the foundation.

With time soil conditions around the home’s foundation can create problems that will require the help of a foundation repair company.

Indications that your foundation has a problem

cracked foundationIf you ever suspect that you may have a foundation problem, you’ll want to address it right away because the safety and stability of your home is at risk. This will also affect your ability to sell the home in the future. I can affect the value of the home and make it much harder to sell as no one will want to take on a home with a foundation problem. Here are ten signs to look for if you suspect a foundation problem.

• Moldings are cracked or splitting
• Bricks on the exterior or interior cracking
• Window frames or garage door frame separating
• Windows and interior doors don’t close anymore as if they are out of alignment
• Cracks in the foundation and/or floor tile
• Gaps where the walls meet the ceiling or floor
• Floors sloping or dips and unevenness across the floor
• Cracked or bowing walls
• The wall is rotating
• The wall is separating from the floor or ceiling

If you’ve noticed any of these indicators of foundation problems you really need to contact a foundation repair company in your area right away.

Solutions for repairing your homes foundation

You’ll find that it isn’t difficult to find someone that claims to know how to repair your foundation so be careful to find someone who specializes in foundation repair vs. someone who does everything. Foundation repair specialists follow the requirements that have been established, designed and tested by structural and geotechnical engineers. The most common of these solutions are:

• Repairing the crawlspace
• Resolving the foundation settlement issue
• Stabilization of the foundation wall
• Straightening of the foundation wall
• Mud jacking

Some foundation problems can be expensive while other problems can be relatively easy and less expensive. In some cases it will require the foundation repair contractor to do some heavy excavation work around the foundation of your home but don’t worry when they are done you won’t even know that they were there. Some simpler problems can be fixed from the inside and are resolved much quicker.

Additional things to consider

All foundation problems have something to do with the soil around your home or the water table affecting the soil around your home. Loosened soil around the foundation will allow the water to puddle around the foundation thus penetrating the walls of the basement or crawl space. Either way the result is a need to fix the problem. Older homes are more susceptible to these issues but new homes are not immune to the problem. It is important to get a permanent solution to avoid additional problems in the future.

Choosing a professional foundation repair company

Because of the large number of foundation contractors available to choose from, finding the right one can be challenging and frustrating for the homeowner. It is important to talk to several licensed contractors who have been in business for several years. You want someone who has experience and a list of satisfied customers that you can talk to. Here are some things to look for while searching for a qualified foundation repair specialist.

• Check their licenses and certifications
• Get a list of satisfied customers that you can talk to
• Get a list of the services that they provide

The first thing they will do once you have determined who you want to work with, is to conduct a thorough examination of your foundation. This will allow them to get a better assessment of your foundation. Now they will be able to provide you with the exact details of how they intend to rectify the problem. And provide you with an exact quote for the repair work. This should be a totally free inspection and quote for the repair work. It is wise to get a few estimates and ask a lot of questions. You will learn probably more than you ever wanted to know about foundations but it will arm you with the knowledge you need to hire the best repair contractor for your situation.