Set Up Solar Power System At Home And Enjoy Long Term Financial Benefits

Many countries the world over are basked in sunlight throughout the year. They are lucky to have a source of energy that is free, renewable and is a clean. The energy that is out there everywhere needs to be harnessed effectively. Only with the effective use of the natural energy resources in our everyday life can we reduce the carbon footprints on Earth.

Solar Panels: To harness the solar energy resource in our homes for our day-to-day requirements, we need to setup solar panels. These panels are placed on the roof or some part of the house that gets unobstructed daily sunlight for a long period of time. The panels are also oriented in such a way, so that the sunlight’s effect can be maximized. The panels are made up of photovoltaic cells that generate electricity when hit by sunlight. This energy produced can then be used for solar heating in different parts of the house.

solar energy systemEnergy is required for heating up our homes and water. In fact, water heating is a large part of our electricity bill and solar heating of water can reduce the electricity bill substantially. So, even if you use the solar panels to just heat up the household water, you can save a huge amount of energy that you are drawing form the grid. Most of the people, who use solar panels, use them along with air source heat pump system and solar hot water system.

Financial Benefits of Solar Energy:

Putting up solar panels and the solar heating systems is a considerable investment and you would like to be sure that whether or not you will recover the cost over the years. The following points will tell you how and where you will save money to justify the initial investment of home solar power system:

• As you will generate your own electricity, you will be drawing less from the grid. This will directly affect you electricity bill and you would soon see a marked reduction in your monthly electricity bill.

• If the panels that you set up are able to generate more electricity than your daily requirement then you can sell back the excess electricity to the grid. Different states have different schemes for the same.

• Solar panels will be your hedge against all future price increases of the traditional energy sources. So, even if the gas, coal or fuel price increases, you can still keep producing your own electricity and not have to take the added financial burden.

• Having a solar power system in the house is a big plus in the real estate market. You can easily charge a premium as and when you put your house up in the market.

Besides the financial benefits, the solar power system is a clean, green energy sources that does not release greenhouse gases. Thus, by reducing your carbon footprint, you will be doing your bit for the plant.