Important Things To Know About Basement Waterproofing

Unless you have or are experiencing water problems in your basement, you may not realize the importance and value in waterproofing the basement walls of your home. There are some signs that you need to waterproof the walls of your basement other than water seeping in during a heavy rainstorm. One of these tell tale signs is a musty smell or odor that appears or gets worse when it rains or snows.

So you may be asking why should I be concerned if I don’t use that area of my home right now…

Concrete is porous and being subjected to heavy rains, pooling and melting snow can saturate the concrete. The water then seeps into the pores of the concrete and into your basement or crawl space. When the temperatures drop the water freezes and cracks the foundation. Over time the cracks in the foundation will get wider and weaken the structural integrity of your home. When the foundation cracks your problems and the cost of repairs will be much higher.

Most newer homes that have been built in the last few years have already been waterproofed but if you notice water problems or musty odors don’t ignore them. Most older homes in the Boston area need to be waterproofed to protect the foundation from cracking and leaking.

Having your homes foundation waterproofed is an easier process than most homeowners think and the cost of prevention is so much less than the cost of repairs once the damage is done. Waterproofing the basement walls  can be done from the interior, exterior or both. Exterior waterproofing is the most common and best solution since water is coming from the outside and the ultimate goal is to protect the foundation from cracking.

basement waterproofing MAExterior foundation waterproofing

The process for waterproofing the basement foundation walls will require excavation. A crew of waterproofing experts will first move all the plants around the foundation to preserve and replant them after the job is complete. They will bring in digging equipment and dig down to the footer, exposing the entire basement foundation exterior wall. They will then apply a waterproofing sealant to the exterior walls of the foundation. Once the sealant has cured, which is usually a couple of hours, they will fill in the hole, tamp it down and replant all the shrubbery and plants as they were before the job was started. Although it does seem very disruptive, a good company that does basement waterproofing in MA will leave your homes landscaping exactly as they found it.

There are many important reasons to ensure your homes basement has the waterproofing protection it needs.  Here are a couple of reasons to waterproof your basement walls before you have problems

  • Cost of repairs after the foundation is damaged
  • Mold problems that affect the health of your family

Call a Boston waterproofing company that offers free inspections and estimates. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!

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