SEO Marketing Strategies for Medical Practices

Today’s consumers rely heavily on the search engines to find local businesses and the medical profession is no different. This means that if you want to increase the number of patients coming through your doors, you’ll want to be found online.

Going digital requires more than just having  a website. Your strategy might include having social networks, blogs and local directory listings. Each of these combined with your website can become a powerful ranking factor that helps push your website to the top of the search engines  where prospective patients can find your practice.

Optimizing your website

seo for medical professionalsYour website needs to be structured properly to get more traffic to your site and to convert more visitors into patients. The art of being found online is also known as SEO (search engine optimization).  Optimizing your website properly requires a unique skill and understanding of how SEO works so without the basic understanding it may be difficult to take this on yourself.

Medical SEO services should be left to agencies that specialize in this service. If you hire the first agency that comes along wanting to sell you an SEO package, be careful. If the SEO agency doesn’t know what they are doing or uses unethical practices to rank your website, they could get your site penalized which will negatively impact your rankings and ability to rank that site ever again.

Using Social Media

Social media is a craze that isn’t going away anytime soon so the best thing to do is to jump on the bandwagon and get involved. This doesn’t mean dedicated hours and hours to posting on Facebook and Twitter. You can automate Twitter so that you only need to login a couple times a month to see what is going on. And  if you post a couple times a week on Facebook it will be better than doing nothing at all.

The key to using social media to help your website rankings is to make sure your website address is in the about and profile information of your social properties. And when you post include a link back to your site on about 20% of your posts. This will provide your website with the social signals needed to help rank your website.

There are many more factors involved in ranking your website and driving more traffic to your practice. Take the first step in growing your practice with a smart SEO strategy.

Local Business Are Turning to Inbound Marketing Because It Works

When it comes to developing a successful local business over the long haul, business are discovering the value of lead generation also known as inbound marketing. Businesses are able to get a new lease on life as the discover the best ways to get more customers though the doors or picking up the phone.

Most companies have a nice looking website that doesn’t generate business because it can’t be found online. Local directories can help create more visibility for your business. There are numerous companies that will list your business on the directories, fix duplicates or errors in your listings. The best service I have seen will list your business to over 300 directories including TomTom Navigation and Apple Search. You can learn more about this service here:

online marketingIf you’re on a tighter budget and just want to get more leads there are lead generation services available. You only pay for a legitimate lead as they come in. Be careful with this service because some companies will share your leads with multiple companies leaving you in a price war with your competitors. Some services provide exclusive leads so that you don’t have to share leads with anyone. One of the companies we found online provides exclusive leads and doesn’t require you to lock into a long-term contract. You’ll find this business here:

If you’re looking to create these leads yourself and offer free listings. To get the most out of these advertising sites you’ll want to post frequently and test different messages.